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WEGO Blood Purification business group was founded in 2004. With the development of 20 years, now we are the largest blood purification product manufacturer and service provider in China. We have 7 subsidiaries, two of which are joint ventures. One is WEGO-NIKKISO, which is focused on the manufacture of dialysis machines and the other is WEGO-TERUMO, which is specialized in producing peritoneal dialysis products.  We have nearly 100 dialysis clinics in China and almost all the products are manufactured by our own.  As for dialyzers, we have 13 spinning and assembly production lines and the annual production capacity can reach 65 million. Since 2018, our dialyzer market share has always been ranked 1st in China. For more information, please kindly visit our official website: 


About Kriba

Kriba is a medical device startup that enables non-invasive screening, detection and monitoring of serous body fluids infections. Our non-invasive white blood cell counter in serous liquids is unique and answers to the need to quickly, easily and cost-effectively detect these infections.